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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Celebrating Rock-solid truth foundations!
Welcome to our  Truth Matters  inquiry pages.

Truth  Matters  is  an  information  source  provided  by
TRUTH  FOUNDATIONS,  a  service  committed  to  helping
society  build  
worldview  foundation  based  upon  ALL
of  available  truth.


Our title communicates our  two-fold  intent:


             1.   Truth really does matter, in fact, it matters a great deal; 
             2.   It is the matter or issue of truth and our search for truth
                    to which this site is passionately devoted.  The arrival
                    at truth is the 
sincerely hoped-for destination of this
We feel we have been most fair in going about an as-neutral-as-possible investigation into the
MOST IMPORTANT of all starting-point journeys. The search for truth mandates the use of a
tool - knowledge.

     "Which knowledge methods are being relied upon to form one's worldview?"
     "How good are these sources?" "Are these authority voices of sound quality?"
     "What are the limitations of each specific information source?"   and 
     "What are the consequences tied to erroneous truth foundations?"

      are only a few of the many crucial questions we will be addressing on this paradigm-building journey.

In pursuit of truth, have we discerned the starting-point presuppositions inherent in the inquiry, or are
we searching for truth with the outcome already predetermined as a result of influential faith tenets? 
For example, on what grounds do the skeptical naturalists reject supernatural reality?  It's by FAITH
that they do so!  They have a less-than-certain (presuppositional) epistemological foundation.  On
what grounds do the supernaturalists believe supernatural reality?  It's by FAITH that they do so! 
These, often hidden assumptions, are the key in forecasting the outcome!

Truth Matters simply seeks to open this rock-bottom-assumptions box in order to allow for a search
that minimizes the biases as much as one is able.  Once the multiple methods of truth have been
fairly considered
, we can then go on to embrace certain methods as more authoritative than others
given how they fare through this initial allowing-the-sources-to-define-themselves inquiry.  Once
again, this is crucial if we sincerely desire to begin the journey with as little bias as possible.

Look over this site.  Walk with us for a while on this exciting second-to-none journey in pursuit of truth.  

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